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Faculty of Basic Sciences

Genetic Micro Systems

Welcome to the Faculty of Basic Sciences, German University Bangladesh (GUB). Diversification and deepening of the basic sciences has been accelerating in the 21st century and plays an important role for socioeconomic development as well as the improvement of the quality of life. “Basic science” is really “fundamental science” — it is the science at the heart of human knowledge. Science, technology and socioeconomic development are interrelated and influence each other. All scientific disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, etc.) have both basic and applied aspects. Basic science is more basic in the sense that without discovery of principles there is nothing to apply. Applied science relies on and could not exist without basic science. more


Faculty of Basic Sciences will be headed by the Dean. The Dean and his pro-Deans will be elected by the faculty council. Duties of the deans have been written in the basic rules and regulation of the university.

Faculty of Basic Sciences
Department of Physics                   
Phone: +88-02-9294511
Last updated:31.12.2017
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