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A well-equipped lab designed by expert with modern apparatus has been set up for teaching & research purpose. Labs will be utilized for Environment protection Technology, Food Science and Technology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Media preparation & Tissue Culture.Analyses available the following laboratories:
The laboratory is intended to introduce to some of the most widely used experimental procedures in biochemistry, including protein purification and Characterization, enzyme assays and kinetics, and DNA isolation and manipulation.It is well equipped designed and well decorated lab of GUB.
Environment Protection Technology
Environmental technology program prepares for the constantly changing field of environmental technology. Practical training in the three foundation disciplines of biology, chemistry and civil engineering means that graduates can understand and manage complex environmental problems.

GUB Laboratory provides innovative, high-quality analytical chemistry support to the Environment Science Program.

Food Science & Engineering
The laboratory also provides consultation, responds to specialized requests, and designs customized tests as required. The laboratory uses highly automated spectrophotometric, chromatographic, and electrochemical techniques to determine nutrients and other constituents. •
Bio-Technology-1 (for Tissue Culture)
The laboratory supports innovative research by routinely analyzing living cell of organism.


Bio-Technology-2 (for Media Preparation)
We have built a reputation among Biotechnology laboratory for quality, consistency, and accuracy.
Human Health
Our mission of the Human Health Laboratories (PHL) is to protect the public's health in NH through responsive, unbiased, quality laboratory testing; to actively participate in national and international surveillance networks; and to improve the quality of health and laboratory services in both the public and private sector.
The Physics Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments for carrying out everyday physics experiments. The dark room facility helps students in carrying out optical experiments.
Computer labs are available for classes. It is also use for student work and internet browsing. All computer labs are equipped with:
Dell Brand PCs running Windows 8.1.
Free high-speed 10 Mbps internet connections.
Free Wi-Fi and WiMAX internet connections for faculty and students.
Digital Logic Design
The department has specialized labs for digital logic design, computer architecture and electronics, both the undergraduate and graduate student can use these labs.
Hardware Troubleshooting Laboratory
This laboratory provides you a big opportunity to be competent to work with microprocessors and communication systems. The lab includes Heathkit MDA EMS51 8085 Microprocessor, MDA 8086 Microprocessor Training system, Digital Signal processing Trainer MDA– DSP, FPGA Trainer K&H CI33001C, EPROM Eraser LEP 121, Universal Programmer LEP 48, Computer Interfacing Trainer K&H CIC800A Set, and interfacing modules MDA 008, MDA 012, MDA 007 etc


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