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Course Content

GUB offers basic and advanced level computational courses for a ranges of programs aiming problem solving and applied mathematical and statistical researches. List of offered courses for programs are here below:

Program Name

Module Code

Module Name

Bachelor of Computer Science And  Engineering(CSE) CSE-113 Differential and Integral Calculus
CSE-121 Linear Algebra & Co-ordinate Geometry
Differential Equations &Vector Analysis
CSE-223 Complex Variables & Transforms
CSE-311 Numerical Methods
Bachelor of Environment Protection(EP EP-113 Linear Algebra
Bachelor of Food Science And Technology(FST) FST-124 Linear Algebra
Bachelor of Biotechnology(BT) BT-114 Linear Algebra
Bachelor of Human Health(HH) HH-115 Mathematics And Biostatistics
Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) BBA-113 Business Mathematics-I
BBA-121 Business Mathematics-II
Bachelor of Economics (ECO ECO-113 Introduction to Mathematics-I
ECO-122 Introduction to Mathematics-II
ECO-213 Mathematics of Economists-I
ECO-222 Mathematics of Economists-II
Bachelor of Accounting Information System(AIS) AIS-116
Business Mathematics-I
AIS-211 Business Mathematics-II
Master of Business Administration(MBA)-1Year MBA-121 Advanced Computational Mathematics


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